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Explore with Dr. Dan

There are more than 600,000 species of plants on the earth...

Less than 5% of them have been studied for their bioactive molecules. 

"It's imperative that we go out to explore and discover new molecules that can transform human health and wellness." - Dr. Dan Gubler  

Episode 2: The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains

Hidden under an icy tundra, is an unexpected ecosystem...

"When you think of the Rocky Mountains during the heart of winter, you probably don't think of  a thriving ecosystem and a chance to capture rare phytonutients. But that is exactly what this location at this time of year offers. Phytonutrients that are none existent at any other location or time of year are thriving, and by digging through a few feet of snow we have the opportunity to find some truly unique nutrients and molecules."

Why is it so unique?:

  • Winter brings out molecules that aren't present in plant life during any other time of year.
  • Examining new growth next to older growth offers a unique glimpse into how molecules and nutrients "age". 
  • Certain types of molecules and fungi thrive during the winter months.


We think you've got 10 minutes to learn a bit about the molecules and nutrients and how we explore them in order to create things that can move human health and wellness forward. But if you don't, here are some highlights to catch of Episode 2: The Rocky Mountains:

  • 3:35 Can dead plants still give us molecules to study
  • 4:19 Start with what you already know.
  • 4:55 What can a winter willow do
  • 5:53 Comparing the old to the new
  • 7:06 A beautiful fungus
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Explore with Dr. Dan

A peek into the exploration of phytonutrients.

Join Dr. Dan as he does one of the things he does best: Explores.

Tag along as we travel the world exploring different ecosystems to learn a bit about the phytonutrients and bio actives within them, and what that could mean for your wellness.

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Fun insights and explanations
  • Information you can actually understand

Episode 1: The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest

An ecosystem unlike the rest...

"I chose this location because the ecosystem here is so unique. From the moss to the ferns and the nearness to the salt water, the Pacific Northwest is just unlike most other areas." Says Dr. Dan Gubler on why THIS location was his first choice. "Which means the plants--and the phytonutrients within them--are also unlike anything else."

Why is it so unique?:

  • It's one of the last places in the continental U.S. where plants have not been fully discovered and explored 
  • All of the moisture in the air and on the ground creates volatile molecules, which the plants drink up, creating a plethora of phytonutrients
  • Pines and other large trees, mushrooms, ferns, and so much diversity in the types of plants in this area
Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 4.51.44 PM


Really, you should give it a watch because it's worth it! But if you're crunched for time and have to come back later, here's a few of our favorite things from Episode 1: The Pacific Northwest before you leave:

  • 2:57 Paper or plastic? Why it matters when taking samples
  • 5:03 Dr. Dan hugs a tree
  • 6:10 How to tell good mushroom from bad mushroom
  • 12:52 We go chasing waterfalls
  • 15:10 A good reminder from Dr. Dan
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Seriously, we can't get enough of these Pacific Northwest shots. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer. We're all about transparency and educating those who want to learn!

Did Dr. Dan find the phytonutrients in all THREE products?

No, some of the phytonutrients used in THREE products have been around and utilized for centuries! But Dr. Dan was part of the team that discovered Epigenetic regulating phytonutrients, which are used in THREE products!

Does THREE grow it's own plants that are used in the products?

Great question! The THREE Medicinal Plant Research Institute (AKA: the THREE Farm) does grow specific plants that we use to research! But the plants and phytonutrients used in the products are sourced from all over the world to ensure we use the best and most ethically sourced ingredients for our supplements.

Where is Dr. Dan going next?

We can't spill all the beans, but we can tell you that'll be exploring a unique climate that you might not think of when talking about medicinal plants.


Scientists explore different parts of the world to find new and effective phytonutrients--the medicinal components of plants--which can improve human health.


Bring together the right people, products, and ingredients to create life-changing health solutions.


Advanced Cellular Absorption Technologies deliver nutrients deep into the cell for maximum wellness and bioavailability.

Ready to geek out?

You've seen where it all begins, and Dr. Dan will be back to tell us more about the curation process, but we don't have to wait to talk about the last pillar, Absorption. 

Clinical studies have shown the absorption rate for supplements utilizing phytonutrients are on average more than 10% more absorbable than those other  supplements. 



We’ve gathered experts from across wellness and nutritional medicine to form the THREE Scientific Advisory Board. Its twofold mission is to improve quality of life through holistic health education and to inform the development of our world-leading, advanced delivery products.

"The science of nutrition continues to explode as we continually docker new phytonutrients and their role in human health and prevention. When I realized that THREE was leading the way in cutting-edge cellular technology coupled with next generation bioavailability, I knew I had to personally use and be involved in making THREE products even better."
Dr. Timothy L. Schneider, MD

Chairman, THREE Scientific Advisory Board