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We love rewarding you for your hard work and hustle while you're building your business.

That's why we're introducing a new round of Awards with new prizes that will be announced ON STAGE at our Salt Lake City Convention in August. 

Qualification dates: APRIL 1-JULY 14, 2024

  • Customer Gatherer
  • 3 Star Developer
PLUS... a special promotion for our  

3 Star Elite Advancements



Take a look at the 2024 awards and what it takes to win! 


Customer Gatherers

Qualification Period: April 1 - July 14, 2024

Award will go to the top 3 Sponsors of Customers enrolled with 30 CV or more during the qualification period. Retail and Preferred Customers count towards this award.


  • First place: Black MacBook Air + award 
  • Second place: Apple Watch + award  
  • Third place: iPad Pro + award 

3 Star Developers

Qualification Period: April 1 - July 14, 2024

Award will go to the top three Brand Ambassadors with the most new personally sponsored Brand Ambassadors that advanced to the rank of 3 Star for the first time during the period.  


  • First place: Black MacBook Air + award
  • Second place: Apple Watch + award
  • Third place: iPad Pro + award 

Let's Celebrate


On Monday, April 8 we announced the winners of our last round of Award Winners, let's give them all a big cheer 🎉
    1. Elizabeth Zenifer
    2. Henny
    3. Zen Helmina
    1. Shannon Northrup
    2. Jaclyn Velardo
    3. Marcia Mehrali
    1. Elizabeth Zenifer
    2. Zen Helmina
    3. Funny Sartika
    4. Jennifer Smith
    5. Paras Kharisma Putri
    6. Liviana Theresia
    7. Laura J Klucharich
    8. Astrid Reiza
    9. Nicole Ellison
    10. Kenny Phan

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer. We're all about transparency here.

What are the qualification dates?

For the Customer Gatherers and 3 Star Developers Awards the qualifications dates are April 1, 2024 - July 14, 2024.

What are the prizes?

For the Customer Gatherers and 3 Star Developers Awards the prizes are as follows: 

1st Place: Black MacBook Air + Award presented on stage
2nd Place: Apple Watch + Award presented on stage
3rd Place: iPad Pro + Award presented on stage

How do I see the leaderboard?

This will be a widget in your back office that will allow you to see a report of the current top 10 leaders and will be updated daily for the Top Customer Gatherers award.

What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker will be based on a time-stamp of who achieves the requirements of the award first.

See you in Salt Lake!

We want our entire THREE Fam together in SLC to celebrate these award winners

Plus all of the other perks that come with attending Convention, like time with your teams, valuable lessons from Brand Ambassadors, powerful speakers ready to motivate and teach, and so much more.

Register in your back office today and get ready to RISE UP in Salt Lake City, and don't forget to bring your camping gear 🏕️ (just kidding, but do get ready for a fun Summer Camp after party!)